vive la dictature!
vive la dictature!
la dictature*h + la dictature*m = la dictature (h+m)
Das Distributivgesetz
phase: 1

vive la dictature!

Vive la dictature!

Vive la dictature! is a 'X', with aspects of exhibition, interactive plot, cooperation experiments, etc.
It involves artists in various ways.

They are connected through a constantly transforming setup, directed by an interpretor under influence of the reflected impulses.

Input and Output for the acting agents are samples, elements, ingredients of various kinds, may that be plots, themes, colours, images, objects, abstractions, installations, characters, metaphors, or activity structures.

All kind of results are reintegrated into the context and influence the further path(s) of the 'X', what even can include videos, images, screenplays, or fashion trend, a shopping experiment, or a university seminar.